CoursesDurationIntakeMinimum Qualification
B.Sc.Nursing4 years4010+2 PCB
Diploma in Nursing (G.N.M.)3 Years6010+2 (Any Stream with English(40%)
Diploma in Optometry2 years3010+2 PCM/PCB
Diploma in ANM2 Years4010+2 (Any Stream)
Diploma in Physiotherpy2 Years1010+2 (PCM/PCB)
Diploma in OT(Operation therator technician)2 Years1010+2 (PCM/PCB)

General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM)

The purpose of GNM programme is to prepare a general nurse who will function as a member of the health team. Beginning with competencies for first level position in both hospital and community. The programme is geared to the health need of the country, community and individual which will serve as a basis for advanced study and specialization in nursing. It will assist Nurse in their professional development.

Course Duration: 3 Years
Eligibility: Intermediate (Any Stream)

First Year
Biology Science
Behavioral Science
Fundamentals of Nursing Medical Surgical Nursing II
Community Health Nursing

Second Year
Medical Surgical Nursing I (Including Pharmacology)
Medical Surgical Nursing II (Specialties)
Mental Health Nursing
Computer Education

Third Year
Midwifery and Gynecological Nursing
Community Health Nursing II
Pediatric Nursing

Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery (ANM)

ANM play major role in improvement of the health and family welfare service. The millennium development goals can be achieved with their active work in the community. Infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS,TB and Malaria can be prevented and health promotion can be strengthened for all ages specially maternal and child health.

Duration: 2 Years
Eligibility: Intermediate (Any Stream)

First Year
Community Health Nursing.
Health Promotion.
Primary Health Care Nursing.
Child Health Nursing.

Second Year
Health Center Management

Our Affiliation
Recognized By Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi.
Affiliated to state Medical Lucknow.
NOC from Utter Pradesh State Government.

B.Sc. Nursing: Syllabus

Subjects of study along with the description for Year I is given below

Year I
  • General Introduction
  • Skeletal and Joint System
  • Muscular System
  • Circulatory System
  • Introduction to Physiology of Cell
  • Blood
  • Respiratory System
  • Gastrointestinal System
  • Excretory System
  • Introduction to Biochemistry, Study of Cell, biochemical functions of various cells
  • Lipids
  • Proteins
  • Intermediary metabolism
  • Nucleic Acid
  • Introduction to Study of Nutrition, meaning of food, nutrition and dietetics
  • Constituents of Food, Water, Protein, minerals, etc.
  • Different methods of cooking and their effects on food and food constituents
  • Principles of Nutrition, Balanced diet
Nursing Foundation
  • Introduction- Etiquettes and Nurses
  • Definition and Scope of Nursing
  • Health Resources in the community
  • Communication Skills
  • Observing, Reporting, recording
  • Aim and methods of Psychology
  • Human Behaviour
  • Motives, Drives and Needs
  • Feelings, Emotions and Instincts
  • Personality
  • Mental Hygiene

Subjects of study along with a description for Year II is given below

Year II
Community Health Nursing
  • Concept of Optimum Health and its relation to successful living
  • Environmental Health
  • Water Supply
  • Disposal of Refuse
  • Housing
Medical Surgical Nursing
  • Introduction to Surgical Nursing
  • Internal Defences against invasion of Pathogens
  • Special Problems influencing the care of patients
  • Inflammation
  • Maintaining the body equilibrium
  • Orthopaedic nursing
  • ENT
  • Introduction: Importance of studying Sociology in Nursing
  • Individual and Society
  • Culture
  • Social Organisation
  • Social Process

Subjects of study along with description for Year III is given below

Year III
Child Health Nursing
  • Modern concepts of Child Care
  • Growth and Development from birth to adolescence
  • Nursing care of neonate
  • Nursing Management in common childhood diseases
  • Disorders in children
Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing
  • Introduction
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Embryology
  • The infant
Mental Health Nursing
  • Principles of Mental Health Nursing and their application in general Nursing
  • Classification of Mental Disorders
  • Brief History of Mental Health Nursing in India and Abroad

Subjects of study along with description for Year IV is given below

Year IV
Nursing Research and Statistics
  • Definition of Research
  • Statistics
  • Bio Statistics
  • Use of Computers
Community Health Nursing
  • Introduction to Public Health and Community Nursing
  • Organization and Administration of Health services in India
  • Role of Epidemiology in Community Health
  • Principles and concepts of Public Health Nursing
Management of Nursing Services and Education
  • Aims, Concepts, Scope and Limitations of Health Education
  • National Plan for Health Education
  • Health Teaching and Communication
  • Methods of Health Education

Diploma in Optometry

2 Year 10+2 PCM/PCB

First Year
Anatomy ; Physiology, Pathology, Microbiology & Pharmacology.
Ocular anatomy Physical ; Physiological Optics.

Second Year
Diseases of the eye
Mechanical Optics ; Ocular pharmacology

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