Affiliated Hospital

Providing medicare is a great service to humanity and we understand that hence we have a long list of affiliated hospitals so that fresh graduates can get hands-on practical training soon after completion of their nursing course.

Affiliated Hospital

  1. SRC Hospital, Rasoolpur Mathura.
  2. District Hospital, Mathura.
  3. Mental Hospital, Agra.
  4. CHC-Raal,Farah, Chaumuhan.

Apart from this, in the premise of the college we have a hospital as well. The SRC hospital has following features,

  1. Major OT
  2. Minor OT
  3. Dental
  4. Eye/ENT
  5. Burn and Plastic
  6. Neotnatology with Nursery
  7. Communicable Disease
  8. Community Health
  9. Nursing
  10. ICU/ICCU

All affiliated hospitals in Mathura and ours at Jajanpatti is easily reachable by train and bus. Mathura Railway station is best for patients from Mathura and patients from Bharatpur can travel from Bharatpur to Jajanpatti and Mathura. Additionally, follow the link to search trains in India.